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HILARIOUS story of a mom's first trip to Justice with her tween daughter. MUST READ for moms of girls. So funny!

And Justice for All

One mom gives the scoop on surviving her first shopping trip to the fresh hell that is Justice.




"Her Future Fat Thighs." A powerful story about parenting, choices, words, and body image.

Her Future Fat Thighs

I was sitting on a toilet, feeling surprised and kind of insulted, when I realized I had an opportunity before me like no other.

Ooops I Shit on Your Friends via In the Powder Room

Oops, I Shit on Your Friends

Want to test the strength of your relationship? Crap your pants after binge drinking and see how your boyfriend reacts.

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Extend the life of your manicure with these 10 polish-protecting tips plus additional resources to keep your hands looking their best.

10 Tips to Make Your Manicure Last

Want to extend the life of your manicure? Here are 10 tips to make your manicure last plus some great resources for nail health and hacks!

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