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10 Mall Victories That Will Boost Your Holiday Self-Esteem

Feeling overwhelmed and underprepared for the holidays? Celebrate these ten little shopping feats and you’ll feel like a holiday rock star.

1. Buying things for yourself while “shopping for others.”
Clearly there is a “me” in December because I often find myself saying “one for you . . . one for me” when I find something awesome. High-five yourself knowing you’ll be giving somebody something so amazing that you even bought one for YOURSELF!

2. Dumping all the change from your purse into the Salvation Army collection bucket.
This is instant relief from the holiday craziness going on in your home (and your head). Yes, you haven’t played with your kids in 2 weeks; and yes, you just yelled at them in the car, but deep down you are a really good person, and here’s $1.29 in change to prove it.

3. Saying “No” to the hand cream guy at the mall kiosk 56 times without losing it.
This situation is like an embarrassing breakup where the guy doesn’t realize you’re just not that into him. If you manage to dodge him, you should feel triumphant. But don’t feel down if you cave and find yourself the recipient of an awkward hand massage. It’s probably more physical contact than you’ve had with your husband all month, so there’s value in that.

4. Unleashing frustration on the sweater pile at the GAP.
There is nothing like rifling through a mound of perfectly folded sweaters to release some pent up holiday stress. That warm cascade of softness is undeniably gratifying. Unfortunately this often backfires when we start feeling guilty and refold every sweater in the heap.

5. Having the lady at the cosmetic counter tell you that you have nice cheekbones.
Yes, she’s trying to sell you a $90 bottle of eye cream, but that’s not really the point.

6. Having the sales guy at Abercrombie ask “How’s it goin’?” when you walk into the store.
See? Somebody does care about your well being during the holidays. This is immediate validation that all your hard work is being noticed and appreciated. Thank you for caring Abercrombie guy, thank you.

7. Trying on clothes in a dressing room with flattering mirrors and soft lighting.
Yes, these mirrors can be misleading, but for 5 minutes we get to feel great: “It’s unbelievable that I still look sooo tan in December! And why didn’t anyone tell me I have better legs than Heidi Klum?!” Unfortunately the thrill is gone when you get home, try on the same outfit, and realize you look more like Jabba the Hutt after he ate Heidi Klum.

8. Finding an expensive item that has obviously been mismarked.
Hmmmm . . . a cashmere sweater for $8.99? Silly decimal points.

9. The Calories you burn!
I read somewhere that walking for 4 solid hours at an out-of-control pace is the cardio equivalent of running a 10k. No? Ok, well the fact is you burn off a lot of calories while shopping all day. Granted you consumed 3,200 calories at Cinnabon and Starbucks, but again . . . sooo not the point.

10. Driving home and realizing nobody called you ma’am all day.
This alone is reason to celebrate by cracking open your $90 eye cream in your brand new mismarked GAP sweater.


This original piece by Stacy Graebner was written exclusively for In the Powder Rooma division of Hold My Purse Productions, LLC. 

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Stacy Graebner is a freelance marketing researcher, a freelance writer and a freelance mom. She lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and 2 kids who like to remind her that (despite being the same age), she looks a lot older than J.LO. Connect with her on Twitter @sdgraebner.

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