22 Signs You Have the Perfect Man (In the Powder Room)

22 Signs You Have the Perfect Man

You might have the perfect man if:

1. He’s confused about the word “threesome” because he knows tennis isn’t usually played that way.

2. He wonders why his buddies end up in their dogs’ houses.

3. He sets aside personal time with you because sometimes he just has to share his emotions.

4. The only time he sleeps on the couch is when he catches a cold.

5. He thinks “makeup” sex must somehow involve cosmetics because he can’t imagine fighting with you.

6. You have to push him away because he just snuggles too much.

7. One of his favorite things to do is give you romantic cards that he makes himself.

8. Foot and back rubs? Heck yeah! He does those!

9. He insists on doing the laundry because he knows better how to separate the loads.

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10. He adds a few more items to the “honey do” list you give him—things you overlooked.

11. He believes you when you tell him that your doctor has prescribed a course of “retail therapy.” Then he gives you his credit card.

12. He knows what brand of bathroom cleaner is best, and buys it when he does the grocery shopping.

13. Garbage? That’s his job! He can’t imagine you carrying those heavy, smelly bags.

14. He wants to know how your day was, and asks for details so he’ll understand better.

15. He doesn’t need to buy books on sex and romance because he writes a blog about them.

16. The one time you catch his eye wandering, he is just looking at your reflection in a store window.

17. He doesn’t ask you to pick up your underwear off the floor—he just does it himself.

18. For your birthday, he buys something that is actually just for you.

19. He has his own apron because when it comes to the kitchen, he likes to get right in there and help!

20. He thinks “swingers” are couples who like to dance old-style.

21. When his friend admits to being a “player,” he asks him: “What sport?”

22. When you have your period, he totally understands, and already knows exactly what you need.

22 Signs You Have the Perfect Man (In the Powder Room)

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