Thousands of women converge daily In the Powder Room to read, laugh, and connect.


Step In the Powder Room, where we’ve been dishing up the hottest women’s humor, heart, and “Holy moly, did she just say that?” since 2009.

So you’re wondering if this is a good place to reach your target audience? If you’re looking for smart women over the age of 34 who control the purse strings for their families, you’re in the right place. And aren’t you the clever one, because studies show people are more likely to throw down dollah-dollah-bills when they’re laughing. Okay, fine, we can’t find that exact study, but we know this from personal experience. At least that’s what happened one time when our Editor-in-Chief tried pole dancing.

The point is this: laughter makes people feel good and builds trust.

How many people, you ask? We’re currently averaging around 100,000 uniques a month, and rising. We have a combined social media reach of 20,000+ followers across Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

If your brand fits with our brainy/beautiful/brazen vibe, we’d love to help you with your advertising goals. Please email us at for more information.

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