“Ask a Man,” a monthly feature in which a MAN (gasp!) joins us in the stalls so we can ask him a bunch of crazy questions.

Ask a Man: Actor Alex Nevil

EDITORS’ NOTE: We’re In the Powder Room today with “Ask a Man,” our new monthly feature in which a MAN (gasp!) joins us in the stalls so we can ask him a bunch of crazy questions.

This month’s “Ask a Man” guest is Alex Nevil: actor, Twitter comedian, devoted Dad, and sharer of sibling DNA with singer/songwriter Robbie Nevil. Alex was recently published in 2015’s The Bigger Book of Parenting Tweets and on several national “Top Tweets of 2015” lists.

"Ask a Man" In the Powder Room featuring actor and Twitter comedian Alex Nevil!


Linda Doty: “YOUR BROTHER WROTE THE SONGS FROM HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL?! Did he ever touch Corbin Bleu’s hair?!”

Alex: Yes, my brother Robbie co-wrote many of the songs in High School Musical 1, 2, and 3, but he has remained suspiciously quiet as to whether or not he ever got his hand caught in that thicket Bleu calls hair.

Sarah del Rio: “How has living in Los Angeles shaped your life and your Twitter comedy? Have you ever written for television or film?”

Alex: I was born and raised in Los Angeles, which means I was genetically bred to be a performer. Being here might have increased the amount of sarcasm in my comedy.

I’ve not yet written for television or film, but I would absolutely love to, provided the script has a maximum number of 140 characters.

Kate Hall: “What was it like working on Cheers? When your brother’s song C’est La Vie was the hottest thing on the planet, did you use that connection to score chicks?”

Alex: Cheers was my first job on TV, and getting such a large role on such a big show was absolutely amazing. Every day that I went to the studio, I thought two things: 1) “Oh My God I’m Working On Cheers,” and 2) “Oh My God They’re Going to Replace Me Any Moment Now.” They didn’t, and I’m very grateful for that.

When Robbie’s song was all over the radio, I never tried to trade on his celebrity for a date. Because I was an idiot. Thanks for reminding me of what was probably a great opportunity missed.

Kim Bongiorno: “I tend to make an unintentional ass of myself quite a bit. How would you advise I smooth over the situation when I make a terrible first impression?”

Alex: I offer this advice for regrouping after a bad first impression: tell them they’re stupid for not appreciating your sense of humor, and then walk away with a confident “I am woman” stride.

Carrie Henry: “Alex, I see you have a dog in your life. Have you trained it to take care of your kids a la Nana from Peter Pan? If so, can I borrow your pup this weekend? I am in need of a sitter. Star Wars won’t watch itself.”

Alex: Our dog tends to think of us as being in his life. But you raise a serious issue and it’s not one to make light of: adults have an obligation to see Star Wars, and if you have to leave your kids with the people at the concession stand to do that, so be it.

Anna Palmer: “What is the strangest thing you have done or seen in a bathroom?”

Alex: I would answer this question here, but I’d prefer you buy my forthcoming book, The Strangest Things I’ve Done and Seen in the Bathroom.

Abby Byrd: “Do you love fish stick kitties? Or do you prefer another type of fish stick configuration?”

Alex: I prefer my food to be shaped like historical figures—Winston Churchill, Plato, Harold Ramis—and I would only date a woman who felt the same way. Though, I suppose if Bill Murray was her preferred Ghostbuster, it would be okay.

Melanie Madamba: “After sex: sandwich, shower, smoke, or sleep? Three out of four? All of the above?”

Alex: Melanie, aren’t we all a little tired of the cliché of the man falling asleep after sex?! I choose to fall asleep during sex—it’s multi-tasking.

Michelle Combs: “Is it possible for a male not to pee down the outside of the toilet bowl?”

Alex: I’m glad someone finally asked me a normal question. Sadly for you, the answer is no. It is our obligation as males to make sure we completely miss the gigantic oval-shape with water in it. On the plus side, 74.6% of the time we do remember to lift the lid first.

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Alex Nevil is a husband, dad and actor. He also tweets regularly, and has been featured in Huffington Post, BuzzFeed, and Scary Mommy. He is currently building a Millennium Falcon Lego with his son, and hopes the boy will keep his mitts off it when they’re done. Connect with him on Twitter @TheAlexNevil and on Facebook.

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