FAQ In the Powder Room

You’ve got questions—we’ve got answers!


Who the hell are you people?
Oh, wow, cut to the chase whydon’tcha. Our About Us page and most recent press release have all the information you need. Also? You might want to switch to decaf. Or try some yoga. Because DAY-YAM…people skills, m’kay?

Can you spare a square?
Of course! We’re all about helping a sister out In the Powder Room. Or in the words of former Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright, “There’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women.” So go ahead, reach under the stall. We always carry an extra roll for friends in need. Don’t believe us? Here’s what other people are saying about us.

What’s so special about In the Powder Room?
We’re an online community where women can speak their hearts and minds and “let it all hang out,” (well not ALL…especially during swimsuit season, but you get the idea). Our writers and readers are intelligent adult women from all over the world who enjoy a good laugh, authentic writing, and the sigh of relief that comes from saying, “ME TOO!”

Are you qualified to offer medical advice? 
No. Please read our legal disclaimers and remember that we are humorists, not doctors.

I love the new website! Who is your web designer?
Thank you! We love it too! Her name is Anni Poppen and her design firm is Mowgli Studio. Get some. She’s awesome.

Why doesn’t my face show up next to my comments?
You need to set up or edit a WordPress Gravatar for the email address you used here. It’s free and super easy to do. Just follow this awesome tutorial at BlogClarity.com and all your comments will have your cute little face (or image of your choice) next to them!

Are you still accepting ads on your sidebar?
Yessiree, Bob! More details about advertising opportunities In the Powder Room are located on our menu.

I’m a writer. How do I get published on the In the Powder Room blog?
Thanks for your interest! First, write something awesome and original, preferably between 500-750 words. We like the kind of edgy, authentic stories you tell your closest girlfriends. Make us laugh, cry, or whip off our earrings ready to defend you in the parking lot after school…just make us feel something. Then, when you’re ready to submit it, go to the Write for Us tab on our menu for more details on where to send it and what happens next.

Do you still pay for online content?
Sometimes. When we do sponsored posts, or special events like “Shark Week In the Powder Room,” or have an awesome influx of traffic, our writers share our revenue. We’ve recently changed ownership and are actively exploring new revenue streams to help us rebuild.

What we can offer you is a professional writing credit for your portfolio, increased exposure, help growing your brand, and the opportunity to work with a well-respected editor who will bring out your best and help you hone your craft without squashing your voice or your soul. 

Also? Being published online In the Powder Room is a great foot in the door for paid writing gigs like our sponsored posts and anthologies. Help us, help you. Submit something. We’ll talk. No big whoop.

Speaking of anthologies, where can I learn more about your books?
Start HERE. (That’s the Our Books link on our main menu.)

Want more? Peruse our  “You Have Lipstick on Your Teeth” Pinterest board where we’ve pinned book-related announcements, favorite quotes, events, and book reviews.

Other questions?
Please email us additional questions HERE and we’ll do our best to answer them.

Image courtesy of the Boston Public Library, Leslie Jones Collection.