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Felicity’s Bump, Schumer’s New Script, Sheen’s Sssh! Fund

Happiest of New Years, slores!

The time between Christmas and the first full week of January are as slow on gossip as I am running everywhere except towards a fresh pizza at a dinner buffet. Between the lulls were the last-ditch efforts by the Kardashians and Jenners to squeeze every last drop of relevancy jizz out of 2015’s peen, though I’m happy to say there’s enough other news this week to not have to pay them any attention for the first half of January.

Keri Russell Is Pregnant!

Any Felicity fans in the house? Specifically, those who are still feeling some type of way about series star Keri Russell’s unfortunate haircut in 1999? (Please avert your eyes if one of your New Year’s resolutions was to stop holding grudges about stupid shit that happened fifteen years ago.) I don’t want to be alone when I wholeheartedly congratulate Keri and Matthew Rhys, her boyfriend and co-star on The Americans, on their baby news, while simultaneously shedding a tear over the Google images that pop up when you type “Keri Russell haircut why, God, why?” into the search bar.

Keri is more than four months along, according to a source from Us Weekly. She and Matthew went public as a couple in April 2014. This will be her third child and his first.

The Jennifer Lawrence/Amy Schumer Movie Is Coming

Good news for everyone whose wet dream includes two ballsy, brash ladies having a threesome with a keyboard. In an interview with Glamour, Jennifer Lawrence revealed the film she’s writing with Amy Schumer is one step closer to a Netflix and Chill near you. The first draft of the movie—which Jennifer described as “definitely not” politically correct—is in the can.

Jennifer told the magazine that she e-mailed Amy after seeing Trainwreck, and begged her to write a movie she could star in. Amy turned around and barfed an outline back into JLaw’s inbox the very next day, and that was the start of a beautiful, undoubtedly lewd and crude collaboration.

Image credit: The Late Show/CBS


$60,000 of Charlie Sheen’s HIV Hush Money Went To A Gossip Blog

On November 17, 2015, Charlie Sheen appeared on The Today Show with Matt Lauer and told the world he had been diagnosed HIV-positive four years earlier. At the time, he claimed to have already paid out $10 million in hush money over the years to keep his viral status a secret. The New York Times reports part of that money went to a gossip blog called Diary of a Hollywood Street King.

Primarily written by former rapper Jacky Jasper, six posts confirming Charlie’s HIV status went up on the website from April 2014 to late summer of the same year. Jacky says he had seen photos of Charlie’s anti-viral meds taken by one of Charlie’s (paid) lady friends, and the posts were published based on that evidence. The Times says four payments of $15,000 each from Charlie’s attorney to the blog coincided with the deletion of the posts.

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