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Mommy Land (from Hasbroken)

The most realistic version of Candy Land you’ll ever play…


Choose your game piece: a) an empty coffee mug, b) a jogging stroller, c) a stained shirt in what-was-she-thinking white, or d) a desiccated French fry (may be actual desiccated French fry found under your couch; your child will most likely lose one of the game pieces anyway).

Spin the wheel and commence moving along squares in muted colors more appropriate for your aging palate, or is it palette? Anyway, lots of gray. Because that’s soothing.

First stop: Sleep-Deprived Swamp, the domain of Princess Lollygag. You’re so tired you can barely move and yet you’re still faster than a four-year-old who stops to look at every rock she passes, interrogate you as to its properties, then disagree.

Grab another cup of tepid coffee and move on to Forgetful Forest, where Baroness Von Talks-Too-Much just won’t stop talking until you can barely think. What did you come here looking for? Was it your glasses?

When you finally figure out they’re on top of your head, you may stumble on to Kale Canyon, roamed by Lady Licks-Some-Stuff. Gone are the days when you can eat anything, so you best get your daily dose of roughage. Then feel those leafy greens turn as your child eschews her water bottle, preferring to lick the rainwater off a dirty handrail instead.

Queasy, eyes at half-mast, press on to Heartburn Hill, where Countess Kicks-Your-Crotch jumps about, heedless of personal space, kicking and punching until she lands one smack in your baby maker. Ugh, is that your kale making a return appearance?

On your knees now, you crawl to Mashed-Potato Marsh. Keep serving up them taters mashed with butter and mozzarella cheese. It’s all she will eat!

Here, Miss Mayhem greets you with energy to spare. As well as poop, the latter of which arrives with dismaying frequency and equally startling announcements—“Mommy, poop!”—belying the amount of starch she’s consumed.

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Next, ease gingerly around the Bay of Unreasoning Fury, but if you can’t pass unscathed, attempt to mollify Fraulein Frenzy with a tasty treat. (Beware of giving her too much sugar though.)

At the end of the day, try to hang on as you navigate through Lego Archipelago, where the Queen of Complaints whines behind you to let you know you’re not done yet. She’s not tired! And besides, she can’t sleep because her foot hurts. She’s making that up! She got the idea seconds ago when you screamed after stepping on that Lego. She is not to be outdone.

Better wrap up that aching foot and slide those orthopedic inserts in your Toms because guess what’s ahead? Why, it’s Sleep-Deprived Swamp.

Again? Yes, because unlike Candy Land, where the game ends at King Kandy’s Castle, Mommy Land’s board is a circle. There’s no end to the fun!

Now how’s that for a sweet surprise?


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  1. says

    The Bay of Unreasoning Fury is slaying me.

    I have to admit, though: compared to the unrelenting hell that is Chutes & Ladders, Candyland is a dream world.

    • says

      Thanks, Jocelyn! We haven’t gotten to Chutes & Ladders yet. Right now we’ve moved on to the Hi-Ho the Cherry-o game. If a tiny cherry rolls under the couch it might just have to stay there.

  2. says

    Oh, how I detest Candyland! I used to hate Monopoly too, but my husband has taught it to our 5yo son, and they will play for 2 hours. TWO HOURS, people. To myself. :-)