No Time Like The Present

“I thought I had more time.”

This is pretty much the way I feel about most things these days, and it keeps biting me in the ass.

I’m missing writing deadlines. I’m paying late fees. I forgot my own mother’s birthday.

But at least I still have 16 days until Thanksgiving, I thought to myself this morning. That’s 16 whole days to blast through piles of clutter and deep clean the kitchen and start cooking for the 22 relatives scheduled to join us for the big meal this year. That’s more than enough time!

(I know, I know… I totally just jinxed myself, didn’t I?)

Then it dawned on me that even though I have 16 whole days to do a year’s worth of neglected housekeeping, there are still hundreds of struggling families on a wait list for a holiday meal, and the deadline to help them is TOMORROW, November 12th.

It’s called The Scary Mommy Thanksgiving Project and it was created by New York Times Bestselling Author and mom blogger extraordinaire, Jill Smokler, three years ago to feed families in need. Since then, she and her wonderfully generous readers have fed over 4500 families, and this year she’s already adopted nearly 2000 more families seeking assistance.

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But unlike the way I’ll frantically slap together my corn casserole the morning of November 27th, Jill and her team need the two weeks leading up to Thanksgiving Day to match funds with registered families and then distribute the financial assistance.

So if you’re anything like me and you thought you had more time to get your charitable giving on, this is your friendly reminder. Why put off what you can do today with just three mouse clicks and a kind heart?

You can donate via PayPal or credit card, and no amount is too small, and only $50 buys an entire dinner!

If you can afford to help a struggling family, please donate by clicking below. 

All donations are 100% tax deductible and the link to donate can be found here.


But wait. There’s more!

Looking for a way to do something good and spoil yourself a little too?

On November 17, just in time for the holiday season, Simon & Schuster will publish the Scary Mommy’s Guide to Surviving the Holidays e-book. This hilarious anthology features holiday themed stories and recipes from dozens of bloggers you know and love (including me!) Plus, ALL of the authors’ proceeds from the sale of the e-book benefit Scary Mommy Nation’s Thanksgiving Project.


Meet the contributors to Scary Mommy’s Guide to Surviving The Holidays:

Kim Bongiorno • Christine Burke • Abby Byrd • Andrea Condodemetraky • Sarah Cottrell • Janie Emaus • Victoria Fedden • Nancy Friedman • Anna Gebert • Alice Gomstyn • Sharon Green • Jessica Griffin • Maria Guido • Toni Hammer • Natalie Hoage • Harmony Hobbs • Amy Hunter • Julie Lay • Kathryn Leehane • Jennifer Lizza • Lola Lolita • Alessandra Macaluso • Leslie Marinelli • Hannah Mayer• Jessica Mayer • Amanda Mushro • Jennifer Weedon Palazzo • Tarja Parssinen • Robyn Passante • Crystal Ponti • Lily Read • Jennifer Scharf • Alisa Schindler • Tammy Scott • Jennifer Simon • Allison Slater Tate • Jill Smokler • Rita Templeton • Vicky Willenberg • Joelle Wisler • Megan Zander

At only $2.99, this e-book will be the best investment you make this season. Pre-order from AmazonBarnes & Noble or iBooks and it will magically appear on your device on November 17. A perfect little holiday present… from you, to you.

Thank you for supporting the Thanksgiving Project, however you are able!


This post contains an Amazon affiliate link which I use to offset the cost of running In the Powder Room. Thank you for your support! 

Leslie Marinelli is a writer, wife, mother of three, toilet humor aficionada, and transplanted Pittsburgher trapped in the suburbs of Atlanta. She’s the CEO and Editor-in-Chief of In the Powder Room, the creative force behind the award-winning tell-all mom blog, The Bearded Iris, and the editor and co-author of In the Powder Room’s hilarious bestselling anthology, “You Have Lipstick on Your Teeth.”

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