The Daily Show needs a new host and we've got 13 compelling reasons why Tina Fey should take the job.

An Open Letter to Tina Fey about The Daily Show Gig

Dear Tina Fey,

So, Jon Stewart’s retiring after sixteen years, which means The Daily Show is looking to hire. You’re leading the pack, my friend my person who feels like a friend because of our many years together (which involve a lot of me laughing at very funny you).

Ok, I don’t actually know you. But I can speak fairly authoritatively, given not only the stalker fan thing but also all we have in common. We’ve both done fake news—you on Saturday Night Live, me in TV Production class at Eleanor Roosevelt H.S., 1986. We each have two children. We both went to college in the south—where as brunettes in a sea of blonds, we struggled mightily with noticeable facial hair (yep, I read Bossypants). Also, remember that Halloween I dressed up as you dressed up as Sarah Palin? Crazy, right? So I’ve got some authority to weigh in on reasons for and against you hosting The Daily Show.

13 Reasons For:

  1. You are hilarious.
  2. You’ve got an ear, an eye, and, dare I say, the hair for political satire. And the people who didn’t like your Sarah Palin bit? They’re not watching The Daily Show.

    An Open Letter to Tina Fey: 13 compelling (and funny) reasons why Tina Fey should take over for Jon Stewart on The Daily Show.

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  3. America wants you, according to the Quinnipiac University poll and 107k likes on a Huffington Post article that explained the poll to those of us who find polls in the raw a tad tricky.
  4. You’ve got a proven track record in fake news from your Saturday Night Live (SNL) days.
  5. Speaking of SNL, boss man Lorne Michaels says, “Don’t hire anyone you don’t want to run into at three in the morning.” We want to run into you, Tina. At 11:00 p.m. every night or on our DVRs at 3:00 a.m. when we can’t sleep because I’m we’re still agonizing over that inappropriate Facebook picture we just had to post.
  6. You seem a lot like us, just with nicer glasses. That American Express ad campaign? You had us at the messy kitchen. And “movie download for kids, also known as neutralizing ray.”
  7. I could be your writer You will have NO problems hiring excellent writers, trust me.
  8. It would be cool for a woman to lead late night—not essential, but cool.
  9. Amy Poehler could sub for you on those days you’re not up for it.
  10. You have kids and you led 30 Rock—you’re used to the long hours/sobbing thing (which applies to both motherhood and demanding jobs in case y’all are wondering).
  11. More money for your girls’ college funds—handy if they’re considering subspecialties in neurological fields.
  12. You can set taping whenever you want; be home by 6:30 p.m.! As the boss, you can demand flextime, a kids’ playroom, home-schooling on site. Whatever Tina Fey wants, Tina Fey gets. (I know, this one is both sweetly optimistic and sadly unrealistic at the same time.)
  13. I’m in, 100 percent, ready and willing to write for you. I’m up for 30 hours a week, mostly telecommuting from Maryland, though I would love to do lunch twice a month in Manhattan. Maybe Prune? Except if we could order figs instead of prunes, that would be great. (Unless you want prunes. Then, of course, yes!)

Reasons Against:

  1. You don’t want or need to.

A wise woman (you) once wrote, “Do your thing and don’t care if they like it.”

So there you have it. Because it’s not about what I want, or even what the American people want. Nope, this one comes down to one person, Ms. Tina Fey, and what makes sense for your career, your personal life and your family. Because you’ve got those girls and that nice husband and your new hit, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

Good luck Tina. We’re rooting for you, whatever you do. As long as you keep us laughing. And that’s pretty much a guarantee.



The Daily Show needs a new host and we've got 13 compelling reasons why Tina Fey should take the job.

This original piece by Kristin O’Keefe was written exclusively for In the Powder Rooma division of Hold My Purse Productions, LLC. Featured image of Tina Fey © Mingle Media TV via Wikimedia Commons

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    Tina has been my imaginary BFF for years! Oh, how I would love to see her as the host! I’ll ask her about it at our next imaginary GNO!


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