The Hollywood Sigh In the Powder Room is back with another round of snarky celebrity gossip feat. Halle Berry, Leah Remini, Tom Cruise, and Criss Angel.

Smears, Tears and Going Clear

Break Ups and Make Ups

The marriage between Halle Berry and third husband Olivier Martinez is going tits-up, and it’s already getting interesting. The couple’s “I do” turned into “Bitch, I totally don’t” within two years, and BOTH have filed for divorce, according to TMZ.

Halle beat Olivier to the punch and filed first, but she may have fucked up her opportunity to be the petitioner by using pseudonyms instead of real names. She also did a no-no by deviating from legal protocol and handing the papers to Olivier directly, denying a third party who does that shit for a living the joy of trying out a new accent while saying, “You’ve been served” for the four-millionth time.

Olivier answered by filing his own petition the next day, because he didn’t think Halle’s made-up names were going to fly. His documents asked for spousal support to be addressed at a later date, while hers pointed directly toward the “what’s mine is mine” line on their pre-nup. Both filed for joint custody of their son Maceo Martinez, but Halle noted that she wants the arrangement to ultimately be in the child’s best interest. She famously had a years-long and contentious custody fight with ex Gabriel Aubry over daughter Nahla, which included Olivier slap-chopping Gabriel on Halle’s doorstep during a Thanksgiving Day custody handoff. It wouldn’t surprise me if another shitstorm of that nature is a-brewin’.

Leah Remini vs. Scientology

If any of you need my ass tonight (that sounded wrong), I will be glued to my TV watching Leah Remini stuff Scientology into a rocket and shoot it into outer space during her scheduled interview on 20/20. Leah, a 30-year member of the organization, up and quit in 2012. LOUDLY. Since then, she has been an outspoken critic of everyone from leader David Miscavige to Scientology golden boy Tom Cruise, and tonight’s sit-down promises nothing less.

In a promo for the segment, Leah told ABC’s Dan Harris that to criticize Tom is to criticize Scientology itself, and to do so is considered “evil.”

If memory serves, I’ve talked shit about Tom since at least 2005 when he lost his ever-loving mind and put the bad touch and his shoe prints all over Oprah’s couch. I’ve covered everything from his rumored crappy parenting and ties to the church to his proclivity toward wearing mom jeans. In the eyes of Scientology, I am evil AND I LOVE IT.

Since Leah will need to brush up on dodging bullets once the interview airs, the folks at Dancing with the Stars are doing their part to keep her on her toes and help her practice hitting the deck.



Get Well Soon

Johnny Crisstopher Sarantakos, the nearly two-year-old son of magician and flatiron enthusiast Criss Angel, has started chemotherapy after being diagnosed with leukemia. Criss canceled his Vegas show and flew to Australia to be with Johnny as he fights the good fight. Hang in there, baby boy!

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