We Draw a Crowd In the Powder Room

You Like Us In the Powder Room

We’ve been drawing a crowd In the Powder Room since 2009. But don’t just take our word for it…

“We love In the Powder Room. That’s where we discovered some of our very favorite bloggers. Every time we pop in, something makes us laugh.”
– Norine Dworkin-McDaniel and Jessica Ziegler, Science of Parenthood

In the Powder Room is my go-to place for edgy women’s humor, both as a reader and a contributor. From a writing perspective, working with Leslie Marinelli as an editor is a dream, and always leaves me with something I’m even more proud of than when I originally submitted. Whether you are a potential fan or potential contributor, I can’t recommend In the Powder Room highly enough!”
– Susan Maccarelli, Pecked to Death by Chickens

“I like hanging In the Powder Room because the gals are witty and real, and I’m pretty sure we’ve scared off the helicopter types. Plus I think there are margaritas in stall 3.” – Kristin O’Keefe, New York Times Motherlode columnist and blogger at Dreadfully Busy

“I LOVE that your site is full of real writing and not just lists and I love, love, love the humor style. Everyone blogs, but not everyone writes. So, it’s really great ITPR is a place for writing.”
– Christina Antus, Writer & Mediocre Housewife

“When I write something smart and funny but a little dangerous, and possibly too edgy for my own blog, there’s no place I’d rather see it published than In the Powder Room, where ladies be speaking the truth.” – Amy Wruble, Carriage Before Marriage

“ITPR is not just somewhere you excuse yourself to go fix your face. Here you’ll get the whole package, (unlike those feminine hygiene dispenser machines!) for an entire body, mind & soul connection. Nothing soothes your psyche better than an escape to those hilarious words flowing In The Powder Room—where everyone can spare a square.”
– Stephanie D. Lewis, Once Upon Your Prime

“I adore the writing on In the Powder Room! I love the irreverent, witty humor and confessional-style sharing. In the Powder Room is my tribe I reckon.”
– Lisa Wipani of Lifeblooming.com via Beyond Your Blog

"Page views, my Twitter following, and even my newsletter subscribers skyrocketed the week my story was posted In the Powder Room"

“I absolutely appreciate having a place like ITPR to share things I’ve written that are a little more off-topic from my usual blog fare, possibly somewhat off-color, and definitely off-the-wall. I know there is an audience here that is appreciative of the racy, risqué and raucous. Glad to be here!” – Melanie Madamba, The NotsoSuperMom

“It’s edgy hanging out In the Powder Room. Bitches are keeping it real in the stalls. They’ll let you know when You Have Lipstick on Your Teeth and they’ll always spare a square for a sista in need.” – Linda Roy, elleroy was here

In the Powder Room is the perfect go-to site for female camaraderie and raw humor, mixed with just the right touch of mom-centric fodder (without too much about those pesky kids). In an Internet world seemingly filled with the same boring crapola, ITPR is constantly bringing something fresh and fun. There’s no better place to distract yourself with talk about pubic hair or a eulogy to a vibrator. In short, ITPR is Internet magic at its finest.”
– Johi Kokjohn-Wagner, Confessions of a Corn Fed Girl

“The articles I have written for ITPR are the things I don’t want my mother to know (or read). It’s kind of like being on the down-low of parenting. We meet up in the stalls to laugh at ourselves and others and express things we know to be true, but don’t exactly share with the PTA.” – Noelle Elliott, Bow Chicka Bow Mom

“Best website ever for women who don’t have a stick up their behind and want a good laugh. ITPR is responsible for more ‘pee my pants laughing’ than I like to admit. My 22-year-old reads it, too. I get such a chuckle when she says ‘Mom did you see what was on ITPR today?'” – Jill Robbins, Ripped Jeans and Bifocals

“Thank you kindly for allowing me to be a part of In the Powder Room. Views on my website, my Twitter following, and even my newsletter subscribers skyrocketed the week my story posted. I was thrilled.” – Mandy Brasher, mandybrasher.com